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I Make Good Life Choices!

Things created while drunk. Because I make good life choices.
Jun 3 '13

Thoughts on the new characters in Teen Wolf:

Ooo, a mysterious girl who helps Isaac and is kick ass! I like her! I want to know more about her! Can she sta…. oh she’s dead. *side-eye*

New English teacher. I’ll give you this one. I don’t want to cuddle her and coo at her just yet, but she doesn’t annoy me. Although I’d be PISSED if my teacher texted me the ending to a book we’re about to read. Like SPOILER ALERT. C’mon. Also don’t text me ever again. You don’t text me, I won’t Facebook stalk you. Boundaries.

Deaculion… or however you spell his name. He’s British and blind. I like him. Even if he monologues like an evil villain before killing people. If you’re going to kill her, you don’t need to explain things to her.

Bland Brothers. I was hoping you’d be more dynamic on screen. You are not. I find them to be very unattractive and boring. Jeff Davis promised me hot twins and I’d like a refund, dammit.

Bald Alpha. You growl and have weird scars in your alpha face and don’t really do much else. I’ll wait until you do more. Although I do think everyone in that hospital is INCREDIBLY unobservant.

Lady Alpha. I get that you fight with your feet and you’re supposed to feel this connection with the earth, but don’t walk ball of the foot and then rolling into the heel. That’s weird and an incredibly ineffective way to fight. All the power comes from heel to toe forward momentum. You have to spring off the back foot to kick ass. You can’t do that if you’re prancing around like a ballerina. Other than my irritation at that physical choice, I don’t mind her. She can stay. (I also got irritated at Mysterious Girl’s random moulinets with her makeshift quarterstaff. There’s no reason for that. You’re just being fancy. Economy of movement would have been wise in that scene. Then again, I might be watching with a critical eye for fight choreography when I should just be drinking more and shrugging. I assume most of the fights are for the “kewl” factor not the logical factor.)

So far I like most of the new characters besides the Bland Bros. I’m pissed they killed off the most interesting of the new characters. I’m side-eying them for introducing an awesome woman of color and then immediately killing her. I get that we’re trying to show that the Alphas are Bad Guys (TM), but it’s annoying to kill off the best new character in the first episode.

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