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I Make Good Life Choices!

Things created while drunk. Because I make good life choices.
Aug 28 '14

Oh and since we were chatting about constantly being surprised by the financial privilege of coworkers, I’m flying away today! (Yay!)

I was trying to figure out what time I had to wake up to catch my flight.

Coworker: it takes 30 minutes to get to the airport.

Me: no, it takes about 45. I safely plan for an hour.

Coworker: for a taxi?

Me: a taxi costs a minimum of $48 to the airport, not including tax and tip. It ends up being like $60… The bus is $2.50.

Coworker: just take the taxi!

Me: … No.

  1. d0rkiish said: You should check out Lyft and Uber for taxi type service.
  2. yourenotaloneinthis said: The bus is WAY faster too…I try to avoid taxis — expensive and regularly get caught in AWFUL traffic. Safe travels! :)
  3. nadiacreek said: Would they wake up half an hour early to *earn* $60? Because it’s the same thing.
  4. imakegoodlifechoices posted this
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